Lesson Learned

Artwork is by Baron Von Lind. He also worked for Parmount Pictures and painted portraits of Hollywood stars. His pinups were a bit racier than Elvgren, his brushwork is amazing.

What I’ve learned so far…

So 8 months ago, I set out to learn a bit about the blogging world. Like most things that I get into, I simply dive in and see what happens and then sort through the info. Since the beginning of January, I’ve posted a number of things based on a number of subjects. What I’ve learned is that what everyone seems to like the most is that I write about art. Not really sure what this means, but as I’ve been an artist all my life and work as an artist I guess I must be doing something right. I DO enjoy the occasional “rant” as I get my ya-yas out and when I see a nice quote, I’ll surely pass it on, but I’ll concentrate on art in some way.

Along with the plethora of things I’ve blogged about, I also stated as my tag line “Jim Blabs and Doesn’t Care Who Listens”, which is true… to a certain extent. As an artist you have to develop a thick skin and weed through the criticisms… though blogging doesn’t bring the critiques like art can, I still think of it as creating. I began the whole process with that mantra, but as I’ve learned much since then I’ve shifted my view. I’ve gained some followers and a fair share of “likes”. Now I do care as I know there are nice people reading my posts… so I’ll lighten up a bit.

“Jim puts it out into the world… one blog at a time…”

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