Thank You Note

Dear Donald,

I would like to take a few moments to thank you for what you’ve done for us. We’ve learned lots of BIGLY words since began your campaign and you’ve opened up our eyes in the first two weeks of your term as President (gag) of the United States.

Thank you for freeing us from political correctness. I’ve always believed in transparency.

Thank you for helping us to define the color orange.

Thank you for all the wonderful content for our memes. The good and the bad.


Thank you for giving SNL so much material.

Thank you for…

Kelly Ann Conway

Sean Spicer and

Steve Bannon

They help convince us you truly are off the reservation.

Weren’t these 3 in “Suicide Squad”. Seriously, doesn’t Bannon look like your lazy, drunk uncle?

Thank you for helping us all to understand the concept of nepotism.

Thank you for showing me that I am actually part of a much bigger family. I have so many brothers and sisters all over the world and they are from all different cultures and religions. I care about what happens to them and hope they all come to visit.

Thank you for bringing out the politicians who aren’t afraid to stand up to you, I wish more of the men had balls.

Thank you for showing us the real Rudy Giuliani. We New Yorkers didn’t realize he’d had a lobotomy.

Thank you for helping me realize…

I AM a gentleman

A feminist

Pro choice

Liberal. Or maybe not… if you’re conservative, oh I don’t know.

I miss George W. Bush.

Thank you for proving that anything is possible. ANYTHING.

Thank you for reminding me that I DO care about this country and have an opinion about politics.

Lastly, thank you for making me realize that me and nearly everyone I know is smarter than the President.


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