Congratulations and Thank you!

oneballCongratulations to Jeff Koons for once again punking the buyer of his “artwork” One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank. Basically it’s a science experiment that he sold for over $15 million dollars (I can’t say for sure that he sold it or someone else is laughing all the way to the bank). An experiment that was “overseen” by a Nobel Peace Price physicist. It’s an insult to me as an artist and to all of those hard working people using their talents to bring beauty into the world that this puppet can throw out an idea and have someone else execute it. ‘One of the most influential works in the history of contemporary art’ my ass

And a bit thank you to Christies for proving my point about how the sheep always follow the herd in this world. “A Jeff Koons is up for auction, I need to be the moron to overpay for it.” FIGHT THE POWER PEOPLE. Just because others spend this much for garbage, doesn’t mean you should.

All the causes that $15million dollars could go to and someone is spending it on an NBA store display. Personally it turns my stomach.


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