Super Friends


The original Superman with Christopher Reeve is one of my all-time favorite movies. (It’s a MOVIE, they’re all MOVIES. Intent does not make a MOVIE a FILM. Sorry, off on a tangent.)

See, I remember when superhero movies were only cartoons or awful B movies with terrible special effects. When the first Superman movie came out it was HUGE… a LIVE ACTION Superman?! With a good budget and decent actors?! Unheard of in it’s time.

Now superhero movies come out every other week and they spend hundreds of millions of dollars to make them. NOW they make them because they realize people will spend the money to go see them. It’s all about money, see… everything is about money. We’re all thinking about he almighty dollar (Sorry, down the rabbit hole again.) The Avengers movies are 2 of the top grossing movies of all-time. I love it, although I DO think they make too many of them. Ant-man? Really? Alas, I digress… AGAIN. It’s because there ARE so many of them that the reviewers take them so seriously.

Reviews for Batman Vs. Superman have been generally negative. IT’S A SUPERHERO MOVIE!! It’s not a drama or documentary. It’s not Shakespeare and I am positive the award season won’t be filled with Oscars or Golden Globes for Ben & Henry. It IS 2 men in tights and capes fighting!! Plus we now get Wonder Woman!! What can be so bad?! Hey nerds… Let it go; the inspiration comes from comic books. The problem is the critics are the nerds who think the comics are scripture. They’re not.

I know a guy who refused to see The Dark Knight Rises because he didn’t like how Bane sounded in the trailers!!  I decided spending the rest of my life in prison for murder was a good reason to NOT kill him.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I already love Batman Vs. Superman because it’s Batman AND Superman!! Used to be we’d only see that on TV Saturday mornings… And we don’t even have that any more.


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