Million Dollar Santa

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Ok… last week I talked about the Million Dollar Potato. So I decided to try a social experiment… that has a good cause.

I did this drawing of Santa over this past holiday season. It was quiet around the house, cold outside and I figured, “hey why not something to fit the season.” So I found a nice photo and interpreted it for my own Santa.

My wife fell in love with it. She said it was hers and never to be sold. Well when we discussed the Million Dollar Potato, I jokingly said, “what if someone offered me $1 million for Santa?!”

She said, “then you can sell it!”

Now I do not expect to sell it… but stranger things have happened, right? (see this year’s Presidential race). Money does NOT buy happiness, I truly believe this. I won’t just take the money and run, I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to 3 charities that are close to our hearts. IF I do sell it not only will the money enable us to help people and take care of ourselves a bit… I’d be willing to break my own rule of never redrawing the same thing twice to make my wife happy.  😉

If you’re interested, it is right here. I’ll even frame it.


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