“1 MILLION Dollars!”

Much is being made about a businessman paying $1 Million for a photograph of a potato. Actually he paid 1 Million pounds ($1.8 Million US). There are are a lot of confused people… Here is what really happened; he paid that much for it, BUT the photographer wasn’t selling it for that much. In fact, it wasn’t for sale… The business man asked the price, was told it wasn’t for sale and said something to the effect of “give me a number.”
I like to think the photographer said, with much flair, AND/OR Dr. Evil’s pinky to the corner of his mouth, “1 MILLION dollars!”
I think more should be asked about the guy willing to spend that much for a photo of a spud!
I recently did a fun drawing of Santa Claus that my wife says I can never sell, unless I get offered a $1 Million. Hmmm… maybe it’s time for a little social experiment.


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