Original Art Available


Art has been part of my entire life. Over the past couple years I’ve gotten back to drawing for the sake of drawing and it has added a lot to my daily life. Because of that, I have a growing collection of finished pieces; mostly just pencil drawings.

For me, art is about the journey, the creation… that’s where the magic happens. Once I decide I am done with something, it holds little magic for me. The magic returns when someone acquires one of my works and loves it. When I’m able to see the work in its new home I am transported to the moment I created it and can remember making the marks. Truly; I can feel the room I where I was, the sounds, everything. The magic is then restored through the joy of the new owner. 

Most of my work will be at vangoart.co/james-simon, I am also available for commissions through that link as well. Some pieces do not leave my collection as per my wife… that’s ok she has found the magic. This isn’t about making money, but rather about putting myself, my true self out there, but making a couple dollars off of something I created isn’t a bad thing. We all have something to give to the world. Some people are doctors, philanthropists, musicians, bus drivers, waitresses. I believe it’s all our duty to add beauty, OUR beauty to the world.

I hope some new people find some new joy through the beauty I am graced with adding to the world. Enjoy…



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