Ok guys, bear with me here. I’m not trying to garner brownie points with the ladies here (I’m married 25 years… I… Never mind.), I’m just making an obsvervation…

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover was unveiled! (I can see all you guys smiling as you’ll be able to ogle near nude women under the guise of “reading about sports”.) Well besides the beer ads and GoDaddy commercials, anyway… one of the few magazine editions that actually sells in its print form will be available next month. The cover model is Derek Jeter’s girlfriend. (He’s retired… When do the perks end?! Geez.)

I'm sorry, these ladies are much more  attractive...
I’m sorry, these ladies are much more attractive…

Ok, to the point… here is my question; Why is this still such a big deal? The edition is filled with ads and sells more copies than any other week of the year. SELLS! You do realize you can see the same type of stuff for free, right? With the internet and Victoria’s Secret, we can see this stuff any time!! There are days I’ve gotten THREE VS catalogs in the mail!! Seriously! (Those poor trees!!)

There is also hype about the “plus size” model in this year’s edition. Or as I like to say “normal size” model. I’m sorry those models are too skinny. Give ‘em all a couple cheese burgers and cake and call me when they put on a few pounds. Using the the term “plus sized” is like saying “unsweetened” ice tea. They don’t take the sugar out… Tea is MADE unsweetened. They should call skinny models “unnormal” or “under fed” or something.

Ok guys, back to your daydreaming…

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