Small Minded

ebe85cc28bd551166d95d09db15f635bI’m not a fan of generalizations. I think making blanket statements can be unfair to those that don’t fit into the net you are casting. That being said, when I get really bothered by something, I do make generalizations. Just the other day I commented on the issues in Paris by making generalizations. I’m about to make another; I think America is a bit small minded. 

Hear me out. I want to use a simple example; on Instagram you cannot post an image that contains women’s nipples. Not just photos, but art as well. Not sexually suggestive imagery, but ANY female nipple will be censored. There was even an image I saw of male and female torsos shown with anatomical labeling of the parts of the body (they’re the same, by the way) and yet the female nipples were blurred.

Now I don’t need to see nipples (I spent 4 years in art school drawing nude models), but it’s just ridiculous if you tell a small child that something is bad or wrong, they believe you and it becomes taboo. How come we don’t tell our children that so much of the reality television is bad or wrong? You all know the culprits here, I won’t name names. *cough* Kardashians *cough, cough* Teen Mom. I’m also not saying we should live in a nudist society, but nipples aren’t really the issue here. It is much deeper and much more complicated than just nipples.

I'm bothered more by George Clooney's Batman costume!!
I’m bothered more by George Clooney’s Batman costume!!

Throwing our children to the wolves, so to speak, as it relates to sex, nudity, violence, horror movies, alcohol and everything that society deems taboo is certainly not a good thing, but I think we all should look deep inside and try and understand our motivation. Is a nipple really a statement of a women’s sexuality, or is it just another body part that men also have, save for the shape and use?

Soon I might post about Friedrich Nietzsche and his views on morality.

Chelsea Handler took to Instagram to put up the fight and was shot down as well. I love this photo as she is poking fun at Vladimir Putin. I applaud Chelsea for trying, keep up the good work!

Still censored, just incase someone is sensitive...
Still censored, just incase someone is sensitive…

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  1. A very good discussion topic. Hearty, no?

    There are a couple of things to look at here. First, there is nothing wrong with nudity when it is expressed in legitimate art. It is a way of showing the beauty of God’s creation. So always ask yourself, “What is the artist’s intention?” Is it a piece of art or just a celebrity flashing themselves?

    Secondly, nudity when used in an a pornographic or suggestive way will always be wrong based on Natural Law. Nothing will ever make it right. This doesn’t change based on personal views, etc.

    We have to avoid slipping into a Moral Relativism coma when discussing this subject. Moral Relativism is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Absolute truths cannot vary from person to person. Like I have said before, you can believe the world is flat but it is not. You can somehow convince yourself that “anything goes” on the Internet but it doesn’t.

    As for Instagram, I fully understand why they have to do what they do. The legal ramifications alone of allowing nude photos would be staggering. We live in a sue-happy society.

    In the end, God exists. Natural Law exists. So always ask yourself, “Is this what God intended?” We are created for a higher purpose other than posting naked pictures on the Internet.

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