Je Suis Charlie

2015-01-08 08.32.10
My weapons of choice…


I’m not one for bandwagons or following trends, but I must show solidarity for those who lost trot lives in Paris yesterday to those cowards.

The right to free speech is something that I strongly believe in and admire anyone who stands up and shows their strength. The strong ones are those willing to express themselves, the ones affected by the loss of their loved ones over a cartoon. The perpetrators are childish bullies. Think about it; they got made fun of and got stupid. Wonder if they cried to their mommies before they went out with their guns?

Sometimes I hate the fact that I’m right about things; I have long thought that we all take ourselves too seriously. I find this whole situation very upsetting and I’m sorry for the name calling here, BUT it is my right to express myself.

New York Magazine has a great take on this.


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