Size Does Matter

Any reference to Michelangelo always catches my attention. I stumbled onto the top image here and found the other two to accompany it. These images blow me way… just in case you wondered about the scale of this masterpiece, check this out.


Can you imagine the size of the original block of marble? (Which was quarried in 1464 and left as damaged and usable for 25 years after it had been started. This post from a fellow lover of Renaissance Art, Roy Scarborough can fill you in on that story.)

Only the bottom right photo is from the original sculpture. The other 2 are from an exact plaster cast that is returning to London’s V&A Cast Court. It’s been in restoration for the past year and was originally a gift in the mid 1800s to Queen Victoria from Leopold II, the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Although it is a copy, it’s thought of as a work of art itself.

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