Jeff Koons

I am NOT a fan of Jeff Koons. You may know him… lately he’s been doing these installations made out of flowers; most notably the puppy. His “Split Rocker” was recently at Rockefeller Center and I’ve seen his balloon animals around as well.

Previously he did things that were on the ridiculous/shocking side… 2 of which are here and I just find them to be awful. For a time he was married to an adult film star and he did some sculptures, photos and paintings of them in explicit acts. BORING. I find “shock” art… “shock” anything just plain boring. And for me… NOT stocking at all. Someone who does shocking things doesn’t have the creativity or talent to do something beautiful or thoughtful.

Again, I’m not a fan, but I will say he got smart and was able to exploit what he was doing and change his image. How he persuaded the artwork to accept this “cutesy” stuff as art is beyond me… but kudos to him for figuring it out. I believe art is about conveying beauty and his current work is definitely more pleasing to the eyes, but I’d rather see someone’s talent through painting, drawing, sculpture or photography.

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