Bold Color

Scarves. Photo by Jim Simon
Tie Dye Dresses. Photo by Jim Simon

I have strong opinions about how color should be used in designing, which is kind of odd as I have color issues; I’m slightly color blind. I CAN see all colors, unlike my father who is fully red/green color blind (yet he loves his red corvette… alas, I digress again), but I have issues with very close tints (lighter) and shades (darker). Many a time as a Catholic school student growing up I would come to breakfast with one navy sock and one black sock… I couldn’t see the difference. Even now I have to use bright natural light to see dark colors. I’m exempt from mixing any type of color for the work I do as I cannot quite get the right match. I like to say I can get you into the ballpark and guide you to your section, but cannot sit you in your seat.

I preach to my students that learning to use color in your designs will help in the long run. All fashion students want their designs to be black. Black on black on black. So I tell them… NO black, or very, very minimal. Why you say? It’s easy to design fashion using black. The challenge comes when tasked with using color to help convey your vision. It is not easy to use color when designing fashion. There is always fear of it appearing garish or cartoony.

Lately I am primarily drawing with just graphite, but experimenting with markers and colored pencils. I’m seeing a big, bold painting in my near future. I have always LOVED photographing color.

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