Fashion Figures Part 1

To me not only are fashion figures the most personal of all aspects of the fashion design process, but I think they can be one of the most creative. Traditional or digital. Pixels, markers, paint, colored pencil… there is not a right or wrong approach.

This method is not law. Again, there is not a wrong approach. This method would be if you want to finish your figure in the computer.

I preach the idea that you “learn the rules” by exploring all media, then “break the rules” by establishing your own style.

My style tends to be a bit more conservative and traditional. My drawings lean towards more anatomically correct. I have to push myself to make them a bit more stylized. Also, as I am not truly a fashion designer (rather someone who works in the fashion industry), I often have to mimic other styles and I never have designed my own clothing!

First we will start with just a sketch from a live model. This was done on a large newsprint pad in about 10 minutes. Very quick, very loose… just to get the pose.


I then took the photograph and printed it on a laser printer, tabloid size (11″ x 17″). I laid tracing vellum over the printout and I sketched on the blouse and skirt and added shoes.


Finally I quickly inked the entire thing to give me a nice, clean black line. I will then erase the pencil lines that I decided not to use.


There is plenty in this that I will change; some proportions are off, some lines could be changed, but it’s a start. I may add some heavier ink lines, or just clean it all up in Photoshop. Once it’s in the computer I will be using it in both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to show that either method is a way to achieve your result if you want your figures done digitally.

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