Learn from the Past

Cave painting of a dun horse (equine) at Lascaux

I am a big believer in the concept that we need to live for today. We can’t control the past or future, so let’s worry about right now. That being said I think that looking back at the old masters of art can help us a great deal with our own creative endeavors.

Today in Art History… In 1940, the 17,000-year-old Lascaux cave paintings were discovered in France. Studying art history shows us what the possibilities are and how we can challenge our own creativity in new ways. I remember studying cave paintings in college (as well as the Roman & Greek ruins) and though I found them interesting, there is only so much I can take as they tend to all look alike. The site as Lascaux is quite interesting as it’s so old and so well preserved.


One of the most fascinating things about this site is where the artists used a spraying pipe and blew the paint over their hands to leave their mark (many of which are women’s hands). I love seeing things like this… it makes the work more human.

As artists, once we realize that influence and inspiration is everywhere we can learn so much more. Knowing that our ancestors stood in that cave and made those marks, created that work, makes me feel more connected to the world. Seeing proof that another living being stood there and made those marks. It’s almost as though I’m related to them.

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