Anyone ever tell you that you’re too sensitive? You know, you’re affected by things that happen around you… maybe you cry too much or extremely sympathetic to other people’s plights? From the time I was a child I’ve been called “too sensitive”. I was always the kid in the neighborhood in tears. I hated this while I was growing up.

My sensitivity did not wane as I grew up… in fact, it got worse. Being an artist forces you to delve into yourself to pull things out creatively and that tends to force your heart to your sleeve. Toss in the fact that I’m a parent and at times I can be a mess.

But I’ve grown to realize that rather than being too sensitive, I think the rest of the world could be a bit more sensitive, emotional, empathetic. There are people much more sensitive, empathetic than I am… but all in all I think there is room for improvement in everyone. It might sound trite to say, but I think if the world were more sensitive, it would be a better place to live.

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