Perfect Red Apple

Perfect Red Apple

I use the word perfect a lot. My definition of perfect, doesn’t match the true definition OR what others might think of as perfect. In my book perfect doesn’t mean without fault. Perfect means that all the pieces fit together to complete the puzzle. Whether that puzzle is a person or a painting or a movie. If you search images online for “perfect”, most of them relate to the human form… which is ridiculous and every person is completely different as it relates to that!

There is a running  joke in my family. When asked how I was as a child, my mother will say, “Oh, he was a perfect child. Never any problems.” My sisters hate this! But when fully explained what my mother means is that I didn’t cry much and could entertain myself. I’d just sit in the corner with my crayons and paper and draw…

Even now, I know I’m not perfect. For starters, I’m a bit overweight and I no longer have my “rock star” hair. I’m sure my friends and family could find plenty more to add to that list! But along with my “faults”, I have good things going for me; I’m creative, relatively funny and enjoy interacting with people. I’m pretty open minded, enjoy trying new things and like playing my guitars. I have insecurities and stress out about crazy things sometimes. So all my pieces fit together to make me who I am. Puzzle pieces aren’t all the same shape and size… but when assembled you don’t see the pieces, you see the whole. I think we all need to be introspective, be the best person we can, accept our faults and quirks and love ourselves.

In New York City today it’s in the mid 70s, blue skies with fluffy white clouds and a wonderful light breeze… it’s perfect. Hope YOU have a perfect weekend. I know I will because it will be what it will be… the pieces will come together as they’re meant to.


  1. Such a good reminder. And as a woman, I’m still constantly bombarded with society’s view of perfect women–which is so different from reality. An unattainable standard.

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