Selfies… Old School

When I was a freshman in high school I did my first self portrait. It was done in pencil on paper and in my mind it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. My teacher loved it and that was the first time I realized that for me art could be more than just a hobby… that I might be able to do something with it. I’m not much for selfies… as you might have heard, but I’ve always loved seeing and doing self portraits.  I’m working up do doing one for the first time in quite a long time. In my opinion, a self portrait is an amazing learning experience because the artist is drawing the one thing they are the most familiar with… themselves.

I believe the message below… even though I’m not a fan of the “modern selfie”.
1-never 2-apologize3-for 4-selfies


  1. Mr. Jim… how do you do a self portrait and make it look the way people see you and not the reflection in the mirror? I have always wondered about that. Iguess you could use aphoto or i{ad camera?

    • It IS possible to use 2 mirrors depending on the angle you would want. I did do a series of profile self portraits that way. 1 of which was painted on a single roll of brown craft paper… 12 feet tall!!

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