Traditional vs Digital

My original drawing placed into a Photoshop template.

The original Mac Paint application.

ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5 Knife Loaded Screen Shot
Art Rage Studio. Artwork shown NOT mine.

When I was given the chance to design on a computer, I was put off a bit. Let me restate that… when I was given the chance to design on a computer, I acted like a snob. I was a traditional artist. Trained using pencils, paper, paint, canvas, cameras, darkrooms, clay and kiln; why would I use this infernal machine to do what I already knew I could do?

Then I really stopped and thought about it. What would the great artists have done? (I know, I know, I’m comparing myself with great artists… bear with me.) Understanding your tools is a big part of creating anything. What medium works best for you? Given the chance I think that DaVinci and Van Gogh would have loved to try their hand on the computer. This great story tells how Steve Jobs introduced Andy Warhol to Mac Paint and he was “mesmerized”. Realizing all this changed my mind.

I’ve since taught myself probably 95% of what I know now on the computer.

What I pass onto my students is that you shouldn’t think of it as moving away from traditional, tactile art… think of it as understanding all your tools. The digital option may only be a small part of what you are doing and just be a way to help you achieve your goal. I still do a fair amount of traditional drawing and having those skills translates to the computer with the technology of a Wacom drawing pen. With a large range of drawing applications, like ArtRage Studio, you can achieve some amazing results.

Learning the digital tool taught me to be more open minded and to use all resources when creating.

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