Pastel Drawing Part 3

And now… part three. I’ve included the original photo again for reference. Part one is here and Part two is here if you’d like to reference them.

Ok. Here is the next step in my pastel drawing. This process will take a bit longer, so you’re seeing this stage about 1/3 done. I’m filling in the color to give a strong base to add detail over. I concentrated on the upper left while adding some on the right as well. I’ve added in the main lamp post and worked the cement path a bit. The only part I didn’t touch is the grass at the bottom. This all took me about 45 minutes. Progress will be slower now as I’m putting in color in layers to create depth. I won’t be submitting this to the contest as today is the deadline! (I would have had to pay a $25 fee, so my wallet isn’t lighter!) At this point this looks AWFUL!! I can see the finished piece, but right now many of you might be thinking… “this sucks!” Be patient my friends, be patient…

2014-07-31 21.36.51

I initially mentioned a focus on the lower left (see image below where the circle has a square around it.), but after having added the lamppost I’m seeing things a bit differently, so I’m not sure where the focus will be.


I learned many years ago that whenever I do a new piece, I have to adapt to what happens. I cannot plan too much before hand, because it stifles me a bit. I see people do large drawings using the grid method and can’t fathom doing something like this. Kudos for someone who has that ability and patience, but it escapes me. I have to just let my hand flow and go from there. As it relates to much in life, I’ve always been about the journey, not the destination.

I am going to finish this part of the process and spray with a couple light coats of workable fixative so that adding the lighter, brighter colors will be easier. It may be awhile before you all see the next step, but I’ll be blogging other things in the mean time.


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