The Small Things


I’ve had some difficulty with words lately, so my blogs have been sparse. Today I was inspired by a fellow blogger whose post made me think of a moment I had yesterday. Thanks to Candidkay… you can follow her here. I highly recommend it.

So I needed to have a key made for a lock I use. For some reason the key itself had a plastic ring on the top rather than being fully metal with a punched hole. I couldn’t put the key on my ring and was worried about losing it. Having a key made was less expensive than replacing the lock. I went around the corner from my office and showed the gentleman at the hardware store my key. It posed a bit of an issue as it was small and thin.

“Can you bring the lock so I can be sure?” He asked.

“Not a problem.” I told him.

Yesterday I returned. “I was in yesterday and you suggested I bring the lock.”

“Ah yes,” he said. He proceeded to try multiple options to see if it fit the lock, really concentrating. I loved it. Why? He cared. It was just key, but he wanted to get it right. He held up the blank key to my original, checking the measurement. Finally he flipped on the machine and cut one. He then took a pair of metal cutters and clipped of a spur that stuck out after the cutting… gently so as not to damage his work. Then he buffed it and tried it in the lock. “Snick”… the lock popped open and he smiled. I smiled. He then stamped his phone number on the back of the key with a punch and hammer. “thwack”.

“Now if you need to make more, it’ll be easier,” he explained as he brought me his masterpiece. “There is a stock number on the key.”

I had him make me a second copy and paid him the $3 and change for my two keys and shiny little ring! I walked out opening and closing the lock enjoying the moment. The seemingly meaningless moment. We tend to forget these moments, they don’t seem to matter right then but they can bring such joy if we stop, clear our minds and pay attention a little.


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