Dream Big


So yesterday was the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Not only is this the first memory I have, but it was something that helped shape me into the person I am now. The astronauts were heroes and explorers and rock stars.

I can vividly remember my father waking me up and bringing me downstairs to watch them walk on the moon. I remember how I was sitting, where the TV was, everything. I was transfixed. I’ve watched scores of movies and read all kinds of books. Reality, fiction, anything to do with space. I love the Right Stuff and Apollo 13. I saw “From the Earth to the Moon” on HBO (and I have the DVDs). I’ve read fiction from Buzz Aldrin (I met him, got his autograph and shook his hand) and Star Wars is on the TV whenever they run marathons.

My first dream was to be an astronaut and to this day the concept of space flight fascinates me. The whole idea that you could do something like that meant that anything was possible. POSSIBLE. Not guaranteed, but you could dream it and make it happen. That the US set their minds on such a huge goal is something I think we’re lacking nowadays. Let’s dream big… stop global warming, end hunger, cure AIDS, world peace.

It’s ridiculous to say, but we DID send a man to the moon, can’t we dream about making the earth a better place?

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