Pastel Drawing Part 2

Ok… here is part two. I’ve included the original photo again for reference. Part one is here if you’d like to reference it.


Here I’ve laid in some very basic shapes and lines in pastel. I’m not concerned about exact color yet as this is just to fill the areas. This took me about 35 minutes. The walkway appears blue, but that is because I laid down the bottom layer with a cool color to eventually blend in with the cool grass.


Most of the color work I do is a building up process (acrylics, oils, pastels). I’m beginning to delve into watercolor and colored pencils a bit more and though those are a layering/building up, they are much less forgiving. Pastels is a wonderful medium because I dive in and blend with my fingers and feel like I’m pulling the image out of the paper.

Next you will start to see some details emerge. I try to work allover the piece, but often I get into on particular part and it grows from there.


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