Quest for Beauty

It’s easy to spot the beautiful woman walking down the street or the expensive sports car rumbling at the stop light. I often give a thumbs up to the driver of the car and I’d wink or nod and the beautiful woman more often if it didn’t garner me the eye roll or head shake. “Hey! I don’t want anything, I’m just acknowledging your beauty!” Little do they know they’ve just made themselves ugly.

I like to think that part of my talent revolves around beauty; seeing and creating beauty. The advent of the smartphone, in particular the iPhone, has allowed me to catch those moments very easily. I love my Canon Rebel DSLR and often go on photo seeking tours… but knowing the iPhone can help me on my quest for beauty is very comforting.

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.


  1. Awesome stuff, young man. Pics of random things or just normal every day subjects are the best. I always try to try and shoot stuff from odd angles. i.e. placing the camera on the ground as a stock car goes zooming by, intentionally having a tree branch in a frame, etc.

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