Daily Sketching

In college I learned the value of keeping a sketchbook. At the time, being told to do 3 pages a week seemed impossible. Now it’s not unheard of for me to do a few pages in my Moleskine Sketchbook that I carry with me and a couple pages in a larger book as well. I collect blank books and have an affinity for Moleskine’s in particular, although I don’t think I’ll be sketching on the grid paper anymore.

What you’re seeing here are a handful of pages from my daily sketchbook that I’ve nearly filled. I’ve always been fascinated with drawing the human form and my first painting teacher in college said after seeing my first figure painting, “You were meant to do the human form, stay away from anything else.” I still dabble in still life and nature (as you can see by my previous post), but I DO prefer drawing people. And I like to draw women more as they are more challenging. The male face/body with it’s hard edges is much easier for me to capture. The smoothness of women’s faces/bodies can be difficult to truly capture.

Often I’ll just feeling like “moving the pencil” and I’ll simply doodle shapes or words to clear my mind. In meetings sometimes I doodle as it focuses my concentration. I also reference many photos and even sketches by other artists. I went many years without drawing daily and having gotten back into it I realize how much it helps me; not only the craft, but the mental aspect as well.

In the fall I begin teaching drawing along with my usual digital classes at Parsons Fashion and I’ll be assigning weekly sketchbook pages as homework… I’ll be curious to see how they adapt to it.


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