I’m not what you would call a “foodie”. If it were up to me I would simply take a pill each day to take care of the nutritional needs. Now food DOES taste good, but it’s all the same to me. I know, I know… “But you live in NYC and there are SO many good restaurants.” Yes, I agree, but it’s lost on me… sorry. Now I like the experience of eating a meal with someone, but that’s about it. I DO like diners; there is something about the people and the huge selection of food. Often you find they have this one thing they’re known for… that’s fun.

What is odd, and this also relates back to my coffee post, is that I do truly believe that life is in the little things. I don’t believe that big events give us our best memories, I think it’s the unplanned little moments that make us the happiest. You know… getting caught in the warm summer rain. The stray flower in the field of weeds. A child eating an ice cream cone that is smeared all over their face. The spontaneous things that touch us and make us smile. THAT is what I believe life is.

I scream for ice cream ©Dara Bunjon
I scream for ice cream ©Dara Bunjon

So I’ll gladly meet you at the diner for a cup of joe and an omelette, but I won’t be impressed if it’s in the Green Room at the Plaza.


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