Gimme a Cup ‘O’ Joe

Or… “Jim’s Old Man Coffee Rant”


I’m not real picky about my coffee; there is good or bad, in my book. I don’t mind the occasional Hazelnut flavor and IF I add anything it’s some soy milk to take the edge off the heat. I think it’s funny that there are so many coffee shops, especially here in New York City. And SO many different ways you can order them. I have 2 places I frequent… McDonald’s & Dunkin Donuts. Yep, plain and simple and I’m not living with ok coffee because it’s cheap, I truly enjoy it. Both have good coffee and both’s prices are reasonable. ($1 for ANY size coffee, hot OR iced, at McD’s!) That is the criteria I need; quality and price. Again… quality and price. I also enjoy the fact that DD has a smartphone app that I can pay with and get rewards… once a month or so I get a free beverage… woo hoo! Alas, I digress.

One place I will NOT go to is Starbucks. I’m sorry, the cost of coffee there is ridiculous. Now the cost isn’t so bad, but the coffee isn’t worth what they’re charging, in my opinion. I believe you should get what you pay for… what am I paying for? Coffee. Why is Starbucks so expensive? Is it “better” coffee? No. Different, yes, but different isn’t always better. I’m not talking about some fancy whip cream topped drink with the bells and whistles, I’m talking about a cup of joe, black. Even their plain lattes aren’t worth what I’m paying. If Starbuck’s is the Cadillac of coffees and Dunkin is the Ford, then in this case I’d drive the Ford. (I prefer a Ferrari, but… geez, I’m digressing again). Starbucks coffee tastes like the coffee FILTERS themselves! Again, give me what I pay for. If I walked into Starbucks and got a coffee that knocked my socks off I’d be over the moon!

I’d LOVE to be a Starbucks coffee snob (after all I AM a Gibson guitar playing, Trek bicycle riding, Apple computer using snob… and one can NEVER be too many different kinds of a snob), but Starbucks needs to step up their game.


  1. Oh, Jim. Come on! You live in NYC. Try out some of the local, non-chain shops. Life is too short to drink McD’s and DD’s when you have coffee nirvana all around you:).

    • Don’t get me wrong… I try A LOT of coffee and cannot justify the high cost to the poor product. I WANT to like these coffees, but they disappoint me. I DO plan on trying Blue Bottle coffee in the very near future.

      As for the “nirvana”… not yet, but as we know achieving any nirvana is to find the right path. 😉

  2. I totally agree about Starbucks regular coffee but I do enjoy the odd Latte in the winter BUT this Canadian girl enjoys her Tim Horton’s and it’s cheap too!

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