Selfies are wonderful. I don’t take them, but I love to look at them. As these were all found through a Google search, I’m not giving credit or apologizing for using them!!

“Who used all my Scotch tape?!”

The goofy selfie is always fun. It’s nice to see people be willing to do anything for a laugh.

Maybe the coolest selfie EVER!

The buddy selfie is cool as it’s capturing a moment with a close friend. The celebrity buddy selfie is great when you see two people together you don’t normally see.

We’ve seen you nearly naked in magazines and TV… still need attention?!

What is UP with the supermodel selfie?! Like we don’t see them enough?!

It’s better if you pucker… right cool headband dude?

The best selfie? Has to be the showoff selfie. Come on… you’re telling me snapping a photo of yourself without showing your cleavage or bare six pack wasn’t possible. Could you BE more of a narcissist?! “Oh, I’m a mess today. But look, I have boobs.” EVERYONE knows you’re doing this on purpose. “I need some reassurance from total strangers, so I’ll send out a photo of me with no shirt on, but describe it as though I hate it to get people to tell me how hawt I am.”

And you KNOW there was about a dozen tries before they got a good one, so the spontaneity is completely gone.

I love it. I hope it never stops. All hail the narcissists!!! It’s truly fun to watch to the downfall of society! Keep ’em coming, people… it’s why social media was born!


On the other hand… artists have been painting SELF portraits for centuries… but that’s ART.  😉


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