I”ve always had a love/hate relationship with sleep. When I was in college I could sleep until noon. Now, if I get 7 hours that’s a TON. Part of it is that I think sleep is a HUGE waste of time. If I could just plug myself in for an hour and literally recharge, THAT would be amazing. (I feel the same way about food, but I’ll save that for a later date.) The other thing is that if I stay in bed and TRY to sleep I physically feel awful; I get a headache and I feel lethargic when I do get up.

I may be the world’s lightest sleeper. My alarm clock is an iHome that holds my iPod. The music doesn’t wake me up, the power coming on does!! What is strange is that I enjoy afternoon naps. On the weekends I’ll get everything done that I wanted to do and flip on some sports and nod off for 30 minutes or and hour and feel great. At times I have a hard time relaxing, so I purposely work this time in to recharge.

And I have THE most mundane dreams; walking down the street… THAT’S IT. Nothing fantastic or weird. The most creative dreams I have are that I hang out with famous guitar players; racing Cooper Minis around Manhattan against Eddie Van Halen or having coffee with Eric Clapton. I’m never playing guitar with them! Just doing… stuff! My thought is that since I work as an artist and I am being creative daily, maybe my mind rests while I sleep? *shrugs* I don’t know, but I sure did enjoy that house party with Paul Stanley.

I recently read about Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein and their “power naps” using a key. They’d sleep sitting upright and hold a key in one of their hands. As they would doze off, the key would fall and clang to the floor (Dali would put a metal plate on the floor for a louder effect). Today, scientists call this the “hypnogogic” nap. Before you reach stage 2 sleep the mind unlocks free flowing creative thoughts. Maybe if I’d try this I could “kiss the sky” with Jimi Hendrix!!



  1. I don’t sleep at night either and my family teases me about it all the time. They say I never sleep because I hear everything at night. I recently read an article that said 23 minutes is the perfect nap time. I have been trying it and it works.

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