I’ve enjoyed sports since I was a child, but “soccer” was one I did not come in contact with until high school. My high school team was state champions in “soccer” while I was there, yet I never saw a match. I’m enjoying watching the World Cup this year quite a bit.

I realize dislike the fact that in the US we call it “soccer”, just like how we do not use the metric system! We are one of like 3 countries that do not! Alas, I digress… I’ll leave the metric system for another day. There IS a reason we call fútbol soccer, I saw an article online awhile ago, but I didn’t want to read it… I LIKE calling it fútbol. You kick the ball with your foot… FOOT BALL. What we think of as football, American Football, shouldn’t be called football. I don’t care what you call it… it’s NOT fútbol . And “soccer” sounds like such an middle American word. Ack. I’m enjoying watching the World Cup FÚTBOL.

It’s an elegant game; the wide open field that has just the minimal lines and fairly straightforward rules. The players are such amazing athletes running up and down the pitch (love that it’s called a pitch) and each time they set up for a shot there is that moment of tension where we wait to see if they’ll score.

The goal Portugal scored to tie the match against the US was a thing of beauty; Ronaldo’s perfect pass to his teammate who headed it into the net. Wow. It cost US a victory, but you cannot deny the beauty in that play if you are a true fan of athletics.

I LOVE how crazy the fans get. It’s life or death as they chant and dance in the colors of their team. Today the US plays a big match against Germany and Bryant Park in NYC is set up with a huge screen… I’m going to go see just to take in the energy.

The players are such over actors!! Rolling in excruciating pain on the ground when they get run into and the ball stolen. “Oh goodness, he must be really hurt.” 30 seconds later he’s sprinting down the pitch towards the ball. I love it.

I love the exchange of a small gift before the match and the crazy hair on some of the players. I love that the whole world is watching and enthralled at the same time. I love the “extra time” and how it adds more drama. The world needs more events like this to take our minds of things that cause pain or that don’t matter.

Oh, and I won’t be in today… I have a note.  😉



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