Glass Half Full


I’m a “glass half full” kinda guy. In fact I’m more of a “that’s exactly as much as I wanted” kinda guy. I’m working on being nonjudgmental, as some of you already know, but sometimes it’s difficult. I dislike complainers. There, I’ve done it… I’ve judged complainers, but can you really blame me? It just seems like some people enjoy complaining and by extension I think they enjoy being miserable, in my opinion. I do know that for some there is a comfort level attained by living like that, but I find it exhausting. Life is difficult enough as it is. Not only do I know people who are “glass half empty”, I know people that are, “if I can’t have the whole glass, I don’t want ANY of this crap!”

As a footnote to being a “glass half full” kinda guy, I also think I live a fairly unrealistic life. I sit at a computer all day and doodle on a drawing pad while listening to my iPod. I rarely wear a shirt with a collar, always wear jeans and when I might NOT wear sneakers once every two weeks. I obsessively follow the New York Yankees, watch Star Wars every time it’s on TV and scour YouTube for Kiss videos. People would say I never grew up. *shrugs* Maybe, but why let go of things you’ve always loved? This unrealistic life has led me to be that “glass half full” guy.

One comment

  1. When people are asked whythey let go of things they once loved, they say “life happened”. I hope life never happens to me too.

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