I’m Blabbing and Don’t Care Who Listens…


I wrote that as my tag line when I started this blog. I did it for a couple reasons. First it was because this was an experiment… which you can read about on my “Why Am I Here” page. Next is because at the heart of this I do this for myself. At times I look at the stats and wonder about trying to find ways to add followers, but I realize that goes against my feelings about social media and connecting online. Granted, this isn’t Facebook or Twitter, but in my mind it’s still social media and personally I think the whole thing is a crock. We live in a world that is so much smaller than it once was and yet we’re further apart. I’m guilty of this myself as my preferred method of communication is email and I love getting people’s voice mail when I call them.

I’m very appreciative of those of you who follow me and there are a handful that like (I’m assuming you read ) all of my posts… you know who you are and I smile when I see you’ve clicked that star. I try to keep it short and sweet and fairly neutral so as to not push anyone’s buttons, though I know my “rants” might rankle a few of you.

I am a working artist and my work is critiqued daily… as I design for a company. I don’t take it to heart. My own work I’m a bit more protective of… but I realize that by putting it out there, some people will not like it. That’s fine. In college, when I first started receiving serious criticism I was defensive, but then I realized that what was being said could help me. I quickly learned that it was like that saying in mob movies; “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”

I don’t think of myself as a writer. I think of myself as someone who expresses themselves in many different ways… words being one of them. Writing provides an outlet and I usually come back a couple days later and edit to fully sculpt what I am feeling. I do the same thing with my artwork… it seems great when I walk away from it, but when I come back I always see something that is wrong. Sometimes my words may not make sense, hell, my thoughts rarely make sense, why should my words… alas, I digress.

I do hope that the audience here realizes that it’s all just an opinion. All of this; our words that we choose to put out there. I have this habit… often when in a debate I will just say, “Ok,” and not continue. It bothers some people because what I’ve done is accepted that we have differing views and that’s ok. I’ve accepted that we won’t agree. We don’t have to agree… what we all HAVE to do is respect each other. I may not agree with you, but I respect you.


  1. I get the crock bit! I always say, how many of those 100,000 Twitter followers actually are able to see what is presented? Or care? Much prefer to know I touch people who think, who care–not the numbers fanatics.

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