This Old Man Needs to Rant…


I’m not a fan of LeBron James. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a helluva basketball player and even seems like a nice guy, but I didn’t like the whole hullabaloo about his choosing to play in Miami. I agreed with the players like Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson who said they would have rather played against the best players in the league, than play WITH them. He left Cleveland after getting them all the way to the Finals… why leave?! You had a good team… stay and make it YOUR team. Jordan’s Bulls. Bird’s Celtics. LeBron’s Cavaliers. *shrug* I know, I know… I sound like an old man. Now there are rumblings that LeBron James will leave Miami. After that awful ESPN special “The Decision” he’s thinking of leaving Miami?

I’ve rooted against Miami since he started playing there and watched in fascination as San Antonio pummeled them in the Finals. I didn’t wish any harm on the Miami players, I just don’t like seeing players that expect to be given wins. I relished in the fact they didn’t win the championship the first year. The plan failed. Granted, they won the next 2 years after that… but losing that first season was amazing.

Towards the end of Game 5 in the Finals just this past weekend, LeBron seemed to act like a bit of a spoiled child and I was disappointed to see this. A true champion loses as well as he wins. Go back and look at that old guard; Barkley, Jordan, Bird, Magic… they won and lost with grace.

Whew… I feel better.

One comment

  1. I’m just a girl from Cleveland. I can see why he left to explore a bit more but I don’t like the way he did it. Press conference, etc. As if his leaving was on par with world peace and stamping out hunger. Ego. Ick.

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