Plenty of Time…

Dr. Who pocket watch... my daughter gave one.
Dr. Who pocket watch… my daughter gave one. No, I cannot time travel. DAMN!

Since my childhood, time has fascinated me… probably because I used to CONSTANTLY be late for dinner!! What is strange is that my grandmother sold watches for 25 years and I had a bunch of them… but I never wore them. I would get in SO much trouble for being late. For a long time I was obsessed with being on time, to the point where I had to stop wearing a watch as I couldn’t control time itself. I was only going from home to work and back… what good was the watch doing? I wasn’t driving the bus, so I could only leave the house and let it go… let it happen.

I still love watches and I’ve excepted that I’ve started collecting them again… but I think it’s something that I share with my grandmother as she has passed away. I feel like she’s encouraging me when I look at them and when I buy one it makes her happy. I know she’s looking down from heaven smiling.

I’ve always loved movies/stories about time travel; Back to the Future, The Time Machine, Dr. Who. The idea that we could travel back or forward through time and affect events is a fascinating thing to me.

Yesterday I was listening to a great talk by Ajan Brahm and the topic of how it seems as though people complain about not having enough time came up. His theory is that we all have plenty of time, but that we spend so much of our current moments dreaming of the future and lamenting over the past that we don’t live in the moment. When we’re caught waiting; at the doctor’s office, in traffic, at the airport… we should just not worry about it. Enjoy the empty moment… sing the song on your car radio… watch people… oddly enough, I’ve been practicing this;

I’ve been going through my normal yearly doctor’s appointments (just checkups, don’t worry I’ll be around for a long time to rant) and while I’m in the examining room waiting for the doctor I lay back on the table and close my eyes and meditate. I have nothing else to do; I shut off my phone, nothing to read or listen to. I enjoy the space, the moment, the time. The nurse or doctor that comes in always asks, “are you alright?”

“Great! Just enjoying the quiet moment.”

I’ve also taken to NOT walking the NYC streets while looking at my phone. I’ll listen to music and watch people as they move around in their cocoon. I like to find things to post to Instagram or look at the tourist families enjoying the city. With the warm weather setting in, it’s nice to see the ladies in skirts and heels.

We have plenty of time, we just don’t stop to see it.

By the way… I highly recommend the movie “In Time” with Justin Timberlake. Not about time travel, but quite thought provoking.

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