What you see…

So ver true…



What do you see in the photo?

Difference people might have difference opinion.

Whatever you see, might be so difference with whatever I see.

Beautiful flower? Snake plant? A door?  Healthy plant? Green?

Do you notice a beautiful little bird in the photo?

Some of you might say yes, some might not even notice at all.

Why this happen?

Can you believe  100% in what you see?

Whatever you see, might not be the macro picture or the total reality.

Whatever you see being influence by your perception, past experiences and also information store in your consciousness. You might only see whatever you want to see only, the worst is you assume you see everything and you believe 100% on what you see.

Please don’t jump to the trap of your senses and insist on what you see.

Always look at thing in difference perspectives and angles.

“The truth you…

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