This week’s “Old Man Rant”


It must be me…

I think of myself as a decent person; I’m courteous, personable, reasonably well mannered, a pretty good sense of humor… Yet at times dealing with people can be difficult. I’m not sure what it is… I’m a big guy. Maybe I’m scary?

I do fine with older people; hellos as we pass on the street, quick conversations or remarks while at a store register, etc. But put someone half my age in front of me and it’s as if I’m asking to handover their valuables! And if that person is a fairly attractive woman?! Forget it.

“Hey, nice iPhone cover.”

Bothered nod and half smile.

“I COULD BE YOUR FATHER YOU SNOTTY BRAT! I WAS JUST BEING NICE. Just because your own generation makes lewd remarks at your cleavage revealing selfies (that shouldn’t be online anyway), doesn’t mean the rest of the world sees you the same way.

And does it seem like there are way more uncomfortable people in the world than there used to be? I can remember being in high school and there being one or two people who were quiet and didn’t fit in, now it’s either a chosen way to act or fashionable to be aloof. Interact with the world! It’s ok! When we bump into each other it’s alright to exchange pleasantries. Maybe we were meant to meet each other…

One last thing… and I know this has been addressed before, but guys… Pull up your pants. Parachute pants, shoulder pads and mullets were stupid, but not as stupid as showing your underwear… ON PURPOSE. I’m REALLY close to stepping on your waistbands and yanking your pants to the ground, regardless of the consequences. Just doing that once would give me such satisfaction.



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