Breaking the rules…


I’m not sure whether I’m hearing this a lot lately, or if I just tend to be tuned to it, but so many people are talking about following the rules and what you should and should not be doing. It’s across all aspects of life and it’s something that has always gotten under my skin (See my post “Society”).
I’m not what you’d call a “bad boy”… at least I don’t think I am. Although I am a music playing artist who doesn’t like to wear shirts with collars and bristles when told, “your iPod is too loud”… but I digress. I don’t automatically try to get away with stuff I don’t feel held down by the government. I don’t believe in breaking the rules JUST to break them, but I don’t believe in blindly following rules that don’t make sense. I’m not hell bent to stick it to the man or color outside the lines. But I ask “why”. I ask “why” A LOT.
I get the big moral issues; murder, fidelity, stealing. Duh. I’m not stupid, I just don’t like to feel like a sheep. Personally I find the word “should” to be offensive, unless I’m asking for advice. Even then I bristle… but I DID ask for it. I really don’t mind rules and I understand general courtesies as well. But if you can ask why and the answer is more of an opinion than anything else and if you don’t harm anyone else, why can’t you test those rules? Why?
“You SHOULD watch Game of Thrones.
“You SHOULD be on Facebook.”
“So we can keep in touch.”
Call me. Text me. Email me. I really don’t care how your good Chipotle Burrito Bowl is (whoot whoot). Anything I SHOULD be doing as it relates to social media just creams my corn. I will always try something, but if I don’t like it, then I SHOULD NOT be doing it. And when other people are doing things that they “shouldn’t” be doing.
“She shouldn’t be wearing that outfit.”
Why? Who is she hurting? If she feels good about it, let her go.
I heard so often about what I couldn’t do growing up.
“You can’t have a beard.”
“You can’t have long hair.”
“You can’t have an earring.”
“You’ll never make it in New York.”
“You shouldn’t write a blog with a tag line that says ‘Jim blabs and doesn’t care who listens.’ “

One comment

  1. “Pay therefore,” He rejoined, “what is Caesar’s to Caesar; and what is God’s to God.”

    Also… great use of “creams my corn.” That tops the spandex reference! šŸ™‚

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