I would like to hereby, thank the following who have made my life a certain success so far. Except for the Buddha, who is number one, the rest listed are placed in no particular order. They are the ones who made and shaped me to be who I am today…
1. The Buddha… who taught me about Happiness who also taught me about
2. … many Other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. 
3. My Mother and Father, my personal Bodhisattvas who taught me how to grow up. 
4. The Bullies I survived as a child who taught me about fear and courage against it. 
5. The Girl who seriously broke my puppy-love heart who taught me what Real Love was. 
As I mature spiritually, my list grows and grows, gradually encompassing everyone. Every friend and “foe” is a dear Bodhisattva who never fails to teach me something. (It is I who often fail to learn.) I feel glad glad glad. 
All the encounters nasty and pleasant with 101 types of personalities are precious. The choice is ours-to perceive “enemies” as Bodhisattvas with the best disguises, with tough lessons to deliver, or to perceive them as “Beings from Hell” out to wreck our lives. The wiser choice is obvious.

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