Bear with me…

(I’ve purposely NOT included an image in this post)

I guess this another rant. Sorry, but I don’t ask these things come up, they just do.

Yesterday I saw a young man, maybe 23 or 24, in a tank top, jeans and cowboy boots. I thought it an odd combination, but ok. Honestly, he wore the tank top well. He was fit and slim. His skin was a nice color and he had a couple of tasteful tattoos (is that an oxymoron?).

Bear with me…

I don’t feel comfortable in a tank top… unless it is searing heat and then all bets are off. Much to my chagrin, I don’t have the physique to wear tank tops, so I don’t wear them. I believe I am doing a service by not wearing them; let fit young men wear them.

Which leads me to… yoga pants. Don’t get me wrong, yoga pants can be a wonderful thing… on the right woman. I’m not talking about a woman who is obviously coming from a yoga class; rolled mat under her arm, bottle of water in her hand, sheen of sweat on her skin. That’s great… anyone can wear yoga pants. You’ve done your work. You’re making improvements.

I’m talking about grocery shopping, Sunday afternoon in the Bronx, “yoga pants are the same as sweatpants”, stretching the limits of the spandex and seam engineering, these yoga pants make my fat jiggle less and hold it in better, I really shouldn’t be wearing these out of the house… person.

I’m not judging anyone, and hey, I’ve inserted myself in here to make sure no one feels singled out, but seriously ladies… let’s be honest here. Not everyone was made to walk out of the house in yoga pants. Do we ban yoga pants universally? *shrugs* Dunno… even those who CAN wear them out, go a bit too far at times and bad taste is bad taste. Let’s ALL use better judgement.

As for the image that was NOT included, you can either google “yoga pants” or “bad yoga pants” and get my point.


  1. I would like to add that just because a woman spends $100+ on Lululemon yoga pants it doesn’t make them appropriate attire for the office. I think leggings fall into this category too. If you want to wear leggings to the office then you should at least wear a long shirt to cover your “assets”. A shirt that stops at the stop of the leggings IS NOT appropriate for the office. Let’s leave the leggings for casual attire.

  2. ha! I do love my yoga pants, but I make it a point to only wear my niece yoga pants out of the house. The ones that I lost all of their elasticity stay at home. I won’t torture people with that Visual.

  3. I think it has something to do with the sizing of the pants… I am a size 4/6, but find I need to buy L or even XL yoga pants to be comfortable in them…. And I often wonder about the larger ladies who are wearing M:)

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