Moving Experience


Getting to travel and study in Italy while in college was one of the pivotal moments in my life, both personally and artistically. I reference that time often see “Weak Ankles” posted on 5/5; this won’t be the last post about either Michelangelo, the Renaissance or Italy. It’s all still so vivid, even though it’s nearly 30 years ago.
Seeing Michelangelo’s work was always a powerful experience. The Pieta in St. Peter’s in Vatican city is one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had. I knelt in front of the masterpiece not only because I was in a house of worship, but I felt like I was in the presence of true genius, true beauty. I trembled allover and couldn’t stop the flow of tears. It was early on in the 6 week stay in Italy and I thought to myself, “If this is going to happen every time I see something this amazing, I could be in serious trouble!” I was in trouble… a LOT of trouble.  😉
I prayed for a few moments, my hands clasped and head down and I felt someone walk up and kneel next to me. After a few more moments, I raised my head and noticed it was one of the other students in my group.
“Wow,” she said. She was Native American and had completely different spiritual beliefs that me.”I once thought that Catholicism was just all made up, but seeing all this changes everything.”
I was raised in a Catholic household and at that point, even I thought it changed everything.


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