Live in the moment


With the world being a smaller place now because of the internet and social media, we hear a lot about what goes on elsewhere and news is 24/7/365. My esteemed colleague, John Stockwell and I have discussed how this is both a blessing and a curse. I personally believe most of what happens is sensationalized so that you want to tune in to watch. 

There are awful events that happen which affect people in terrible ways. That being said I have found that getting through the awful events help us all to appreciate life just a little bit more and I think the world needs to appreciate life more. New York City can be a scary place and is not for everyone. While in college in the Midwest, my friends would tell me how I would get eaten alive when I told them of my desire to more there. I proved them wrong.
 I can vividly remember September 11th, 2001 New York City lost whatever innocence it had left. I was in Manhattan that morning and within minutes the island emptied, except for those heroes rushing downtown to help. Those men are the true heroes in this world, but I digress. All of us that fled Manhattan. We all cared about each other and hoped we would all make it through. For a week I’d look out of my front window and see the plum of smoke across the sky. We all hung our flags out. We were one in that moment… a collective.
Hurricane Sandy was another moment; after the storm we all came outside like frightened squirrels. We chatted with each other, thankful to have made it. Other neighborhoods didn’t fare as well and that hurts; part of the collective suffered.
I think we all need to live more in the moment without the need for a tragedy to remind us. We rarely focus on what we are doing in the moment. We’re obsessing about what happened previously or stressing about what we need to do. Learn from your past, plan what you can, but live for right now. Smile at people. Enjoy simple things like nice weather or watching kids play in the park. Read a fun book and bop to music on your iPod.
We’ll all be stuck in a jam soon and wish for a quiet moment that we’re giving away right now.


  1. Amen, brother Jim. A good habit that I’d like to suggest is for people to stop obsessively taking pictures of everything in their lives. If your kid does something cool, just enjoy it. If it’s a nice day, just look around and observe. Memories are never dated. Memories always seem fresh and are a million times better than any photograph.

    Enjoy every moment, folks. I remember at my sister’s funeral I told a funny story about a really goofy argument she and I had when I was a kid. At the end of the story I expressed how I would give ANYTHING to have a pointless argument with her right at that moment. What seemed so important all those years ago didn’t mean anything now. I just wanted her back, even for a moment.

    • Preach it, brother John. Thanks.

      Louie CK does a great bit about attending an event where his daughter is performing and every single parent is holding up an iPad or phone. “The kids are in HD! You’ll be amazed at how clear they are if you put those down! Why miss your child doing something by taking a video you’ll never watch.”

  2. Well said. We all need to appreciate the little things in life and enjoy all the precious moments we are given.

  3. Jim, you know what I always think about? Setting up to record music at my mom’s house and you having to untangle all of those guitar cords! It seemed like we couldn’t get set up fast enough in order to start jamming. I would love to time travel and relive that simple moment one more time.

    • Yes! And we’d always be stumped as to how they got tangled again! Those were the BEST moments… coming home to your mother blaring Elvis Aloha from Hawaii

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