This one really hit home with me as I tend to blame those around me. I’m working on this, but it is difficult at times.

1-praying buddha statue


The Sixth Patriarch of Zen, Venerable Master Huineng said, “the transgressions of others are my transgressions. But my transgressions are mine alone.”

That others have transgressions (misgivings), is in a way our fault, as we have not Enlightened ourselves to be able to help them enough. However, we should never blame others for not becoming Enlightened to help us. Blaming each other never created more Enlightened beings. A truly helpful person never complains about others, just like the Bodhisattvas don’t! They just see what they can do to help the situation.

The state of the world lies in the hands of the individual. Don’t just complain you don’t know what the world is coming to. The transgressions of the world belong to the world. The world is responsible for them all and you are part of the world. You are just as responsible as any one else for the state of the world. Before you ask what the world is coming to? Ask what are you coming to.

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