Weak Ankles




It’s been revealed that Michelangelo’s David is under risk of collapse because of microscopic cracks in his ankles and the tree trunk that helps support the 5 1/2 ton masterpiece. Vibrations from vehicles outside the Art Academy as well as from foot traffic inside have added to the weakening marble over the years. Researchers are suggesting moving the sculpture out of the city and into an earthquake proof room. David stood outside the Pallazo Della Signora for three centuries and was moved inside in 1873 and replaced with a replica.

I studied in Italy for six weeks while in college and was able to view David. It is truly one of the most amazing and moving works of art. When you enter the space where he is located, it is at the end of a gallery that houses a few of his slaves that were executed for the Tomb of Julius II. I stood in awe and just took in the the perfection of this masterpiece and to this day I would swear he was breathing. I have always thought that there was no way that marble was just a piece of rock. It seemed alive and real.

I feel blessed that I spent that time there and was able to see not only David, but the Pieta, Sistine Chapel and the Pauline Chapel in Vatican City.


  1. I recently had the opportunity to visit the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. for the first time and was unexpectedly moved by the emotions present within me. Standing before these works of art, some centuries old, was awe inspiring and shifted some core elements within myself. Being a central fixture in the world of technology for my entire career, this foray into the world of art was transcendent. Thank you for sharing your experience, it allowed me to relive some of those special emotions that only a work of art can create.

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