I wanna be a weatherman…



*DISCLAIMER. I know nothing about the study of weather. I also realize weather can cause serious issues and I am not making light of them. I’m simply trying to add a bit of humor to a blah day. šŸ™‚

I wish my job didn’t hold me accountable. I wish I could tell people things, then watch when what I say is going to happen doesn’t and then be able to say, “oops, sorry, I was wrong.” I’m amazed at how sure all the weathermen are about their forecasts. I haveĀ some idea of what I have to do this weekend, but I’m smart enough to expect that I’ll have to roll with the punches.

It’sĀ one thing that they over hype weather some times… they panic us and get us all fizzed up about something and then pfft. Nothing. But they don’t even say, “well it might be really bad, but there IS a chance it could pass us by.” Give us that. Let us hope. Let us pray for the sprinkle of rainĀ or dusting of snow. Even if we get creamed we’ll be able to say, “Ok, well they said it could be either or…” But they tell us to run out and buy water and non-perishables… and then it’s all over and the grocery store is open and fully stocked! Is it a conspiracy? Is the grocery store industry in cahoots with the weathermen? Hmmm.

And when did weather become news. Not MAJOR weather… that should always be news; hurricanes, tornados, blizzards. But just rain and snow is… just… weather, NOT news. Every time it snowed this past winter we were listening to the “storm team” talk about what was going to happen. “Gather supplies, bring in the farm animals, horde medical supplies.” It WAS winter… it DOES snow in winter. And they’re all “events” and have names… the names I guess work so we can vent our anger towards “someone”. “Darn you Hector!! My basement is flooded again!”

Whew… Ok. I feel better. Thanks for listening and lets hope for sunshine and warm temps.





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