I highly recommend following this blog. I’ve known John most of my life and have enjoyed many discussions with him. He has very strong opinions, but is completely open to the insights of others. Opening a discussion with him will always be enlightening and often humorous.

John Stockwell

Image Welcome to my blog!  Yes, I must say I am VERY late to this game… but better late than never, no?

Writing is a challenge for me.  After many years in the news industry I find it difficult to write something longer than 20-30 seconds in length.  That’s good new for YOU as my writiings will always be quick and to the point.  Some tasty chewing gum for your ears, if you will.

This fall, if everything falls into place, I plan fo FINALLY begin my journey toward a Masters Degree in Theology.  My religious call has been tugging at me for more than 35 years.  I can no longer ignore it.   I plan to use this blog to share with you what I learn during my studies and to further testify that Jesus Christ is the great I AM.

The writings that follow are for EVERYONE.  All are welcome at this…

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