I don’t get it…


I enjoy watching television. Often it’s background noise while I sketch. I’ll put on a movie that I’ve seen dozens of times and it’s like having a friend there talking to you. There are a few shows that I follow, but nothing that will cause my death if I miss… well, Yankees baseball, but that’s not a show, that’s life! 😉

I’m open to about anything so every now and then I give something new a try. There are two shows that escape me. I’ve tried both of them and I just don’t understand. I wanted to see what everyone else saw. I wanted to be drawn in and live in the same world everyone else was being drawn into. Oddly enough I saw the same thing when I tried them; period shows, weird wardrobe and mean people doing and saying horrible things to each other. Upon watching the first episodes, I was stumped. “That’s it?” I asked myself. So I watched the next one… nope, still wasn’t seeing it.

Now I’m not trying to get anyone to help me figure this out and I’m not saying anyone is wrong for liking them, I just don’t get the fascination. If   I’m reading to much into it (which I’m famous for), then obviously I’m never going to get it. I don’t get David Letterman or why Meryl Streep is so beloved. (It’s just my opinion, don’t be upset!)

I love The Big Bang Theory. It’s funny and smart and I can relate to the odd tendencies of the characters. Any show about a Superhero brings out the kid in me and I’m taken away. The Walking Dead fascinates me because it’s not really a show about zombies, but it’s how the survivors move forward in a completely different world and slowly begin to realize who they really are. My all time favorite show is Seinfeld. It was always funny, NEVER serious. Even when serious stuff happened, it was still funny.

The two shows I don’t get? Game of Thrones and Mad Men. You don’t have to try and change my mind… but thanks for wanting to.


  1. I can’t handle watching something when it is not enriching me somehow. Now, Big Bang Theory and Seinfeld I totally relate to and bring laughter and humor into my life, Walking Dead I find intriguing. Only a handful of shows keep me entertained enough to stay awake otherwise, I’m in a comma state. Good to know that I’m not alone.

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