Artistic Trickery

Michelangelo’s David is one of the most famous sculptures in the world. He was commissioned by the city of Florence, and spent 3 years completing the masterpiece. The artist always worked in secrecy, never letting anyone see the work until it was finished.


Upon completion, Piero Soderini, the town “mayor” commented that he felt the nose was too big. “Not Italian enough.” Of course Michelangelo disagreed, but he had an idea. He climbed the scaffold with his hammer and chisel… and some marble dust. He held the chisel in the hand with the marble dust and proceeded to “fix” the nose. Striking the chisel, he let marble dust fall, never actually striking the nose at all. As the sculpture is so tall, Soderini did not see what was really going on.


“See, isn’t that better?” Soderini commented after the artist descended the scaffold. Michelangelo agreed.


  1. You’ll laugh at this…we went to that Academie museum in Florence (not sure of the spelling) and just when we walked into the lobby, someone bumped into me, I hit my eye and my contact lens flew out! This is before I had Lasik. So all of a sudden my husband shouts in italian for everyone to stop. He knelt down and started looking and amazingly enough he found my contact lens! I went to the bathroom, washed it off and popped it back in my eye. Thank goodness because that is one amazing museum and The David is much larger than I ever thought. I loved it! Thank you for the memory. 🙂

  2. What is the source of the image il_fullxfull.161339915.jpg? It is beautiful and looks to have been taken some time ago…Thanks!

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