To the majority of us out there just reading others’ Dharma sharing, is this how we feel-somewhat spiritually empty? Do we wish to get personal, to realise something on our own and share it, or are we ever content just reading others’ realisations and thoughts? Do we wait for Enlightenment to hit us or do we seek it on our own? What is your personal path to happiness? Are you on it? Is it steady? Is it a pure struggle or is it plain smooth-sailing? Could there be something wrong in your masterplan to true happiness? If there is nothing wrong, why aren’t you as happy as you should be? Or are you happy already? Are you sure?


My personal path started simply by me discovering Buddhism and learning about it. So much of what is taught I was able to grasp and make my own. I don’t feel like I’m putting my happiness in someone else’s hands, but rather finding it for myself.


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