In a moment of the calm of meditation, I feel in my bones the magnificent silent glory of peace. It is but a short peep at deep deep peace. A thought flashed my mind-that this is only a fraction of what the Buddha feels: unshakeable supreme calm. As I open my eyes, the world appears in amazing technicolour, sounds are in stereo surround sound. And the air is fresher naturally. Heightened awareness! Evil is just dark clouds covering the hearts of the good, that can be dispersed. This is almost Pureland already. “Hold on to the calm,” I beseech myself, “hold on best you could-let the peace from everyday meditation overflow into everyday living. The greatest magic trick is transforming this world through transforming oneself. Samsara quelled inside is Pureland outside. Quieten the heart and the world ripples no more. Yes. This is only a glance of the Buddha’s state… I feel shivers down my spine, humbled by what the Buddha had attained and pleasantly surprised once more, that He told me I can do it too. Greater than receiving the promise of salvation is the belief in one’s own possible “self-vation.” Suddenly, I felt the Buddha’s smile on my face. I know this moment of calm will come to pass. And I have to tell myself solemnly, in His own words-“Strive on with diligence.”


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