Have a look at these images. Some you might recognize. Why are they shown together?

I think that anything is possible for anyone as long as you can learn and progress in your life and learn new things. We all have to start somewhere. The little boy that picks up the golf club and starts swinging at the age of four can grow up to become Tiger Woods. A race car driver isn’t immediately thrown into the car and expected to win the Daytona 500, they’ve spent years driving go carts, trucks, etc. to be able to expand their knowledge of speed. A ballet dancer starts as a child with the love of movement and ends up as a hardened veteran by the time they’re in their middle teens.

To understand some art it IS necessary to study the artist. What you are looking at above is all from Picasso. He started as a realistic painter. A very good realistic painter and pushed himself to see the world in a new way. Along with Georges Braque, he ushered in Cubism and the art world never looked at things the same way again. I don’t quite understand Cubism and to truly appreciate Picasso I think you have to take into consideration his entire career. Look back and see his amazing drawings as a young man and watch as the world opens up to him. Most people see his later works and don’t appreciate that his entire career was a testament to expanding his vision and seeing the world in a completely new way.

Though we art not all artists, we can learn from Picasso by continually looking at the world anew and giving back what we see.

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